Links - Updated: 16 Feb 2004
Link Description
PlanetSourceCode This is a great resource. It has a lot of really good code. Unfortunatly there is also a lot of really useless code that's been mixed in thanks to a large number of people posting extremly low quality code and even destructive code but if your willing to sift threw it there's a wealth of available information.
VBExplorer This site has a lot of great code related to both standard visual basic and Visual Basic game programming. It is a great resource online with almost all high quality code.
VBAccelerator This site has some of the absolute best Visual Basic code you will find anywhere on the net. Most of it is for giving windows apps the most up to date look/appearance. 99% of it uses a lot of subclassing so this site's code is not for the faint of heart or beginning level programmers. But if your looking to spruce up your app and make it look and feel like today's modern apps this is the site for you.
DirectX For VB This is a site dedicated to Visual Basic game programming utilizing DirectX. It has tons of code samples, tutorials, examples, and ideas. I used this site quite extensivly in the development of this game. Deffinatly worth checking out if you want to write a game in Visual Basic using DirectX.