Updates: 09 Feb 2004
Plenty of updates to the code but the beauty of this update is that it's the first meaning that for all of you it's totaly new. HellFire Rising is a complete rewrite of the game known as VBSpaceShooter written in Visual Basic utilizing the window's gdi api mainly bitblt.

Fastforward about two years and this is the new deal. One it's redone totaly. Two it's using DirectX instead of bitblt. Three it's far more complete, and includes a lot of the features I wanted to see in the previous version but just never did. Some of the features you will find in this version are:
On this website you can access downloads, and more, as well as some tutorials related to game programming. I've also made the old version of VBSpaceShooter available for those interested in seeing how much it's progressed. There are forums for you to share ideas with me, bugs, fixes, and code snippets, and links to other sites, many of which helped in the creation of this game.
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